Hampton Court Palace – Windsor Castle


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Hampton Court Palace

A residence from the 15th century, which was transformed into a private palace and under the ambition of the current King Henry VIII, became a royal palace. Was the official Royal Residence over 200 years. The palace is a fantastic example of construction in Tudor Style, famous for the wonderful Gardens, for a Maze and for Ghosts Histories.

Windsor castle

The Castle is one of the official Royal residences in London, now in particular Queen Elizabeth’s favorite residence (Due to the countryside proximity). We`ll make an internal visit to see halls with some of the world most charming castle interiors (As original furniture of up to 500 years old) and all this with an amazing conservation. Soon after, we`ll also visit (Inside the Castle complex) The St. George`s Chapel (Patron of England) and home of the oldest Order of Cavalry in the United Kingdom (The Order of the Garter).

A 14th century cathedral full of wealth detail`s of the English Gothic style where many england monarchs were buried, including Queen Consort (Queen Mother) and King George, parents of the current Queen Elizabeth II beyond the tomb of the almighty HENRIQUE VIII.

We will also be able to see the Change of the Royal Guard more closely, without confusion and crowds of people.

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8 – 9 hours.

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