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City with more than 2,000 thousand years of history, where even today there are the Roman baths with their currents of thermal waters that rise to the surface at temperatures between 70 and 95 C*. The first temple was built by the Celts between the years 70 to 300 A.D. and the current complex that we will visit was reformed in 1897. It is believed today that its waters have healing powers. The Pultney Bridge, which is one of the only 4 bridges in the world built with shops and small offices. Besides, it is logical of its urban center and the wonderful gardens on the banks of the River Avon, where we can take a walk too.


Considered a World Heritage Site, Stonehenge is a circle of stones that began construction around 4,500 BC, where until today, despite much speculation, it has not yet been discovered who, why or what were the real reasons for the construction.

Salisbury Cathedral

A cathedral almost 800 years old, of fantastic beauty and where until today one of the last 4 copies of the CARTA MAGNA (The best preserved and open to visitation) remains. The cathedral also has the largest church choir, the largest cloister and the largest inhabited area around a cathedral in Great Britain, in addition to the oldest working clock in the world (1386 AD).

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